Piano, minkä koskettimilla näkyy aikuisen ja lapsen kädet

What is Music Therapy?

Music therapy is a versatile form of rehabilitation and treatment that:

  • is based on scientific research,
  • utilizes different elements of music such as rhythm, harmony, melody, tone, dynamics, and more as a central tool for interaction,
  • does not require musical skills from the client, and
  • is planned and implemented individually according to specific goals.

Music therapy is used both as part of overall treatment alongside other forms of treatment and as the main form of treatment. It can be provided as individual or group therapy and is suitable for individuals of all ages, including children, teenagers, adults, and the elderly. Music therapy has been shown to achieve positive results in the treatment of psychological, physical, neurological, and social symptoms and diseases.

How do I get to music therapy?

You can access music therapy through public healthcare with a referral from a private doctor or by contacting a therapist directly. For example, KELA or a hospital district may act as the payer for music therapy.

Music therapy client groups

Music therapy can be applied for many different functional abilities or mental health challenges.

The scientific basis of music therapy

Music therapy is a form of rehabilitation and treatment based on scientific research. Different elements of music, such as rhythm, harmony, melody, tone, dynamics, and more, are used as a central tool for interaction to achieve individually set goals. In Finland, music therapy has been used as a form of rehabilitation since the 1960s.